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You are open to step out of fear based thinking and willing to reconnect to your true self. You are a balanced person, daring to be vulnerable and show your emotions. You have a positive vibe and world view, courageous to step forward to help create your new world. You feel the call to step out of the rush of daily life and dream to reconnect to the calm and quietness of nature.
Welcome to come and spend some time with us, with the earth, the sun, the moon, the pale blue and the star filled sky.


We love people who dare to surrender to heart energy. Honest, authentic persons who believe less is more,
who enjoy the vibe and sounds of nature and are able to communicate openly.

Are you willing to look at and own the frustrations you project on the other ? Are you open for different, empowering world views ?

Are you free from dogmatic, restricting beliefs and do your best to walk your talk ...

Don't hesitate to contact us.

To live in peace, moments of emotional release are crucial. As soon as we feel frustrations, we communicate them in one of the safe containers we have (heart sharing circle, compassionate listening, intermediated talk, ...). It is important to show yourself as you are. Also (or maybe, especially) those aspects of yourself you are not proud of. None of us are perfect. Sharing our joy and our struggles keeps all of us connected.

Community life can propel us in our evolution of becoming a higher version of our selves. If you are willing to take the road of personal development, community life probably is the best choice.

Are you ready for community life ?


We love to live together with

people that like to live together with us, who are able to be in open heart contact, are conscious of themselves, have a certain degree of self development, are willing to work on themselves and are ready for the lessons that community life offers.

People that choose to live and eat more healthy.
People who are social

Living in White Almonds Community is like living with friends. We have our private time and home, but meet each other almost daily, at our community space, to socialize, or whilst working together at common projects. Our practical meetings are to the point and efficient.
In case of conflict, we sit together, ask for a mediator, or have a conflict resolution circle. Non-violent communication is a good practice.

Community life will not solve your current issues, on the contrary, by entering the big hall of mirrors, you will be invited to look at them and process them ... .

Jan Joshuar Carido



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