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You are ready to step out of fear based thinking and reconnect to your true self. We intend to live and share (working together is optional) together with balanced persons who are daring to be vulnerable and show their emotions. People who have a positive vibe and world view, who are courageous to step forward to help create a harmonious community. If you too, feel the call to step out of the rush of daily life and would like to reconnect to the calm and quietness of nature, you are welcome to come and live with us, with the earth, the sun, the moon, the pale blue and the star filled sky.

We love people who dare to surrender to heart energy. Honest, authentic persons who believe less is more,
who enjoy the vibe and sounds of nature and are able to communicate openly.

If you are willing to look at and own the frustrations you project on the other. If you are open for adventure and different world views.

If you are free from dogmatic, restricting beliefs and honestly try to walk your talk ...

don't hesitate to contact us now.

To live in peace, moments of emotional release are crucial. As soon as we feel frustrations, we communicate them in one of the safe containers we have (heart sharing circle, compassionate listening, intermediated talk, ...). It is of extreme importance in a community to show you as you are. Also (or maybe, especially) those aspects of yourself you are not proud of. None of us are perfect, showing ourselves vulnerable, talking about our struggles (with the other, with ourself) helps to keep us all connected.

Community life can propel us in our evolution of becoming a higher version of our selves. If you are willing to take the road of personal development, community life probably is the best choice.

Are you ready for community life ?


We love to live together with

people that like to live together with us, who are able to be in open heart contact, are conscious of themselves, have a certain degree of self development, are willing to work on themselves and are ready for the lessons that community life offers.

People that choose to live and eat more healthy.
People who are social

Living in White Almonds Community is like living with friends. We have our private time and home, but meet each other almost daily, at our community space, to socialize, or whilst working together at common projects. Our practical meetings are to the point and efficient.
In case of conflict, we sit together, ask for a mediator, or have a conflict resolution circle. Non-violent communication is a good practice.

Community life will not solve your current issues, on the contrary, by entering the big hall of mirrors, you will be invited to look at them and process them ... .

Jan Joshuar Carido

Danone Group, Granini, Callebaut, Melitta, Volvo,

New York,
workshops children adults
personal development
empowering people

Lief Rose

innovative schooling award



Donations / Money Matters

We have bought an amazing place where we would love to make a small community.
We are currently looking for an extra 60.000 € investment or donation.
If you want your money off the bank and want to support an ecological project, please contact us.
Ofcourse, smaller donations are welcome as well.


We love to share our talents and our gifts with you. The feeling of being, working, living and sleeping in a wonderful piece of nature touches many people. Some get really emotional when they come to us and see how we live in a more connected way. We love to keep it simple. Honest. Authentic. We are far from perfect. We are aware of some of our imperfections, we do our best to accept them and see them for the invitations they are:
invitations to grow, to become a higher version of ourselves.
We are here to help you unstress. To reconnect you to life. Life as it was supposed to be.


If you feel the call to support us, please contact us, or spread the word to those who are interested.
We are open for your talents. We are open for your gifts. If you have one of the following skills, you are even more welcome: carpentry, organising events, make us smile, accountancy, management, cleaning, cooking, gardening, being yourself, help us build up a community ...


Be aware: community life is very rewarding IF and only IF you are ready and willing to walk the path of personal development. 

(the land
current situation + short time and long time investments to be made)

We do our best to create a piece of heaven on earth.
We have quite some upcoming projects that welcome your physical support and/or your financial sponsoring:

(water storages)
there are 4 Albercas on the land.
The one to irrigate the western hill is broken. It needs cleaning and restauration.
estimated price: 3.500 €

Solar panels

estimated price: 90 € - 1.200 €, the more tubes and drippers we get, the more we can irrigate.



fruit trees

We have a lot of olive, almond and avocado trees. We have fig -, orange-, lemon-, mandarin, pear, pommegranate, walnut, kaki, mulberry and many other trees, We'd love to make a real food forest. Fruit trees do not only give us harvest, they provide coolness and shadow.

price: 25 € per tree

The land needs a tractorcarro or a quad with towing hook and remorque to move harvest, pruned wood, building materials, .

price: 2.800 €


dance floor / meditation temple

We would love to have an outside dance floor/meditation temple with shadow and rain cover.

estimated price: 6.000 €

wood workshop:

We can use quite a lot of woodworking tools. And we could use a place to store and work with the wood.

estimated price: 1.600 €
electric saw

table saw





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