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"I am passionate about bringing you to that space where you can heal and feel the connection with your true self. A place where you are empowered, one with all.
I am experienced to help you transform your blocked emotions and dysfunctional patterns.

Your inner wisdom has been asleep for way too long.
Time to wake up ?

If not now, when ?"

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Jan Joshuar Carido

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Rose Lief

From my early childhood, I knew there was something more. I did not know what, I could not put it in words, I could feel it.
I did my best to fit in, but I felt different. To please my parents, I got my degree of Industrial Engineer in Chemistry. I worked in a multinational pharmaceutical company, afterwards I was researcher at the University of Gent.

Still I knew there was something more, but I had no clue how to reach it.


One day Jan and I went to an open session of Bodyflow. We saw people floating through the room with happiness. I had no clue why these people looked so shiny and in touch with themselves. Curious and eager to learn, I signed up for 10 lessons.

The lesson started with a theoretical explanation about the energyfield and our connection to it. My scientific brain resisted: I wanted to run out. But I stayed. Luckily I stayed.
During the session, my body started to move without "me" being in control. For the first time in my life, I physically felt I was connected to something huge ... I did not understand, but it was liberating ... This was the state of being I had been looking for, for ages.

The last lesson I received a symbol and a message: a closed book that did not have to be opened. I no longer needed to search for knowledge, I could trust my intuition. I took this challenge. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made.


Ever since, life brought me to beautiful persons, places and challenges.

I gave courses Dutch to immigrants, co-founded a Sudbury School (totally different than any other school) and together with Jan, we gave birth to Lien and Tim. They turned out to be our biggest masters in the school of life.

July 2012,  Jan's mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We stepped into an intense process of connecting, supporting and letting go. The last days of her life were life changing. I felt so much love, connection and ... joy. It was hard to express, was I not supposed to be sad ? Luckily Jan felt the same.

She passed away on my 38th birthday. Later I read a book from a woman who felt the same joy and amazing connection when her husband died. She described exactly what we experienced. As if non physical beings come to support the dying in their process and open the gates to a different realm of reality.

Her going felt as a strong call to fully live, to be more present in the here and now. Jan felt a strong guidance to go and learn from different energy teachers. That's where the real magic stepped into our lives. Finally I felt home on this earth.
Guess what happened when I spoke out my intention to live more and more in this higher vibration ? The universe did everything to support my decision. We were pushed out of the golden cage we lived in and got access to abundance on many levels. We quit our jobs, followed our dreams and started traveling. Synchronicities brought us to a simple, but amazing village in Andalucia: Órgiva. Over one year ago, we bought 18,5 ha of land. We want to turn it into a place where we can organize activities to reconnect people with themselves ...

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"I love to live a simple life at my own pace and rhythm.

I like to exclude as much 'musts and material needs' and include as much freedom, joy and connection as possible.

If you are looking for ways to simplify your life and reconnect with your soul path ... ,
you are very welcome."


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I love connecting beyond words. If we can trust and open up for each other, we can tune into each others energysystem and rapidly and thoroughly transform blocked emotions and dysfunctional patterns. It's a level beyond communicating. It's falling in communion. A magic space where you slowly slip out of duality and find yourself reconnected, one with all. It's probably out of your comfort zone, but let me assure you, your aliveness will got a boost.

More than techniques, we use the power of silence and presence. We awaken something that has been inside you for ages. Is it not time to wake up and remember your built in wisdom ?

Where I come from ...
For 40 years, I lived in survival mode.
3 nose operations could not solve my chronically blocked nose and the sleep apnea that came with it. I had no focus, no joy, no manifestation power, ... I was a slave dragging myself from one useless day to another. I felt drained, tired, stressed, depressed. Disconnected. I could not breathe properly, my heart was blocked. I had so many capacities, but I could not do anything with them.


A few days before my mother died I finally felt accepted and seen for who I was, not for what I had been doing, or not doing. I felt joy. The joy of souls connecting, the joy of masks falling down, the joy of something bigger than life. When she passed over, it didn't feel like death. I felt the ecstacy of her being reborn in something beyond words.

24 hours later, I experienced a lifechanging initiation. I saw an oval shaped light opening up to me. Light came to me, through me, surrounded me. A pillar of light gently stretched my chest open. My head went backwards. I surrendered and fell backwards. Somebody was there to catch me ... In this state of subtle, yet massive expansion, I saw what I had chosen to come here for ...

That night, my whole vision on death changed. And along with it, my vision on life.
I slowly stepped out of the fear based thinking I grew up with. I stopped judging myself for not working half as hard as other people did. I accepted I would never earn my place in society by following the norm. I came here to create my own path ...
I started to see the gifts life gave me, and started to be grateful for them. The more grateful I was, the more gifts that came to me. My health situation became better and better. Magic synchronicities became part of my day to day reality ... We started to attend more workshops from different energy teachers. We travelled Europe to learn how to open up to the energy field*. Step by step, I started to consciously see, read, transform and play with energy. I started to see, connect and cocreate with other dimensional beings. Ever since, I brought people to experiences that changed their life. Amongst them psychologists and psychiatrists, who were impressed by the efficiency and results of the transformational processes we brought them and their clients ...

*the energy field = the quantum field = the field of pure potentiality = the field of endless possibilities = the field = love = life = God = the force = the universe = ...

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