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Support the Project

Your support is very welcome. It can come in many ways: becoming a member, promoting our project, voluntary work, joining our activities, donating money or materials, providing a loan without intrest, ... .

Voluntary work
We are open for your talents. We are open for your talents and your passions. Please contact us if you have one of the following skills you would like to share with us: carpentry, gardening, organizing events, accountancy, management, cleaning, cooking, being your shiny self, ...


Material support
If you have materials you no longer use but are still good quality, feel free to contact us. Some specific items we could use: table saw, air compressor with staple gun, woodworking tools, welding machine, wood turning lathe machine, tents, gypsy wagons, caravans, yurts, beds, mattresses, cushions, sheets, ... in good condition.

Financial support
If you are blessed with financial abundance and want to support an ecological, non profit project, don't hesitate to contact us. Every donation, however big or small, is welcome and will be spent in order to fulfill the objectives of the association. We have realised many of our projects already, here are some current projects waiting for donations or for a loan:

Tree planting

Our dream is to double the amount of trees on the land and to extend and diversify our food forest and add a syntropic forest. A forest which retains water, regenerates the land, gives harvest, provides shadow and is a place for biodiversity to thrive. Every year, we intend to plant minimum100 new trees. If you intend to reduce your carbon footprint, why not invest in our reforestation program ?

Average price per tree + cost to irrigate and provide it with ecological manure: 35 €.

5 trees: 175 €, 20 trees: 700 €, 50: trees 1.750 €.

We have flattened an area next to our shed to have an outside workshop. To do so, we need big poles and roof sheets to create a structure that can protect us from sun and rain.
1.700 €


Cleaning and Restoring our Source Alberca

To irrigate the Western slopes of the land, we have to take out the cattail growing in the Source Alberca  (= water deposit), find the leaks, restore it and put big irrigation tubes.
1.900 €

Alberca AB.jpg

Outside kitchen near the house

Our outside kitchen used during retreats, needs a raincover. The plan of the architect is ready.
2.400 €

Outside kitchen for guests

We'd love to give our camping guests the opportunity to cook and do the dishes close to their tent.
5.500 €

Multi-Functional Space
On September 10th, we started a fundraising for a multi-functional space (approximately 8 x 14 meters) where we can host activities for groups of up to 60 persons. In summer it should provide coolness and shade, in winter it should protect from wind and rain. In the picture below you see the location we would like to use for constructing our multi functional space.

9.500 € - 60.000 €, depending on design, size, materials and level of comfort.

spot multifunctionalSpaceAB.jpg

Bank account number
If you are in the ability to donate, feel free to give a small donation or to go really wild on IBAN: ES73 3023 0066 4471 5839 0208,

on the name of: Asoc Almendras Blancas.
We assure you the money will be used to fulfill the objectives of the Association.
Please mention: "donation". If you prefer to allocate it to a specific project, please mention this.

If you consider providing us a loan without interest, don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for spreading the word to those who might be interested in our project.

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