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The Experience

Almendras Blancas is a place where people come for a reconnecting (family) stay, a personal- or a group retreat. Facilitators or organisations can rent the entire place or parts of the property for organising events. We are open for people who are passionate and like to work on a project which supports the objectives of the association. Feel free to contact us with your proposal.
As we are an association, we can only offer our services to members. Upon your arrival you can subscribe for membership.

The feeling of being, living and sleeping in a wonderful piece of nature touches most of our visitors. Some get emotional when they come and experience how to live in a more connected way. We love to keep it simple. Honest. Authentic. We are aware of our imperfections, we do our best to accept them and see them for the invitations they are: invitations to grow and become a higher version of ourselves.
You too are welcome as you are and welcome to become more of who you truly are.
We are here to help each other unstress, to reconnect to life, life as it was supposed to be.


"I attended the Playground -Unleashing our Inner Child retreat facilitated by Jan and Lief at Almendras Blancas. It was an experience that left me truly transformed. 
The setting was a dream; a picturesque finca nestled amidst the awe-inspiring Sierra Lujar mountain range, surrounded by lush avocado orchards and tranquil, spring-fed pools where vibrant dragonflies dance in the sunlight.
But what really
made this retreat special was the warmth and love of the hosting family. From the moment I arrived, I felt I was enveloped in a loving embrace. Feeling seen, cared for and comforted in a way that made me feel truly safe. Over the course of four magical days, I had the privilege of engaging in a variety of activities, from games to bodywork and constellations, all in the company of a remarkable group. The atmosphere was filled with an overwhelming sense of love and joy that I could hardly contain. It was like my heart was ready to burst with happiness.
The experience was
elevated by the delectable vegetarian cuisine and the unique accommodation, (wooden house, caravan or tent) nestled in the heart of nature.
The Playground - Unleashing our Inner Child retreat was a journey of self-discovery, healing and pure joy. It's a place where I reconnected with my inner child. I can't recommend it enough. I left this retreat feeling profoundly changed, with a heart full of love and gratitude. 
An experience I'll treasure for a lifetime …”
Daniela (Germany)

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Constellation last Thursday. From the minute I saw you, I felt in safe hands and the healing started by itself, without effort. The other participants were lovely too and very present. A really moving experience. Thank you so much.❤️
Simona (Italy)

Dear Lief and Jan,
I promised I was going to give words to my special experience I was allowed to have with you.
It's been one week and I miss you a little more every day. Because you made me feel and experience so much that I had lost for so long.

I remember how much fear I felt when Peet dropped me off at "my little house". I was lost and overwhelmed, the first time alone away from my familiar surroundings. And then in such a place, where there was "nothing". It soon became clear what was there in this wonderful place. The silence, the power of nature, the incredible views of the mountains all around. The combination of all this made me sink into myself and the day after I could already feel the healing power of this special energy.

But above all: you were there. And I am so grateful for being able to feel you in my world in this way.
You gave me time to land, literally and figuratively, gave me time to really connect with what I was feeling in that moment. By just not putting words to it, not asking questions but "just" making me feel very welcome. You were genuinely happy that I was there and I could feel this in everything. I immediately felt safe in our connection.

Sure, you have judgements, a certain way of looking, a certain way of being that is very different from mine in some aspects but at no point did I feel that I could only be accepted by you by being just the same. On the contrary: your strength is embracing the other, literally and figuratively. And then I could also drop all the judgements I had towards myself, which was necessary for me because for so long I have been immersed in judgements of myself and others, in "good advice" that I HAD to follow ... . And that is not there with you.

You communicated from your feelings. What a world of difference to be allowed to feel so connected with others. But also to be able to receive so much from "nothing". Just like that, because you granted me this, because you wanted to make me as comfortable as possible.

But you also took me out of my comfort zone. Because of your unconditional support and acceptance, I have surpassed myself very often. (Except eating with my hands, I haven't managed that yet 😉 but that wasn't a problem for you either. Even at those moments I was allowed to be there.) You encouraged me to take care of myself, to clearly indicate what I wanted. You also allowed me to give feedback to you, to clarify, to share... . You taught me how to do it in such a beautiful non-judgemental way. Just sharing what it did to you... . It's the purest form of authenticity I have ever felt. This feeling, this experience I have embraced and taken with me, I really never want to let go of... because it touches so much more and goes so much deeper

Love is indeed about feeling your heart opening up, feeling connected, being allowed to share difficult things, being allowed to feel vulnerable, and all this within an enormous emotional safety. And that is what you have given me, made me experience again and given me as food to cherish. I now know that I don't want to go for "less" anymore, this is how I want to be in life, how I want to be in relationships... . So thank you for your being  and for your beautiful gifts.

Lief: thank you for your tender and very powerful feminine energy, for sharing what touched you and sharing your hopes with me, as well as your dreams. To be able to see the lioness in you, at her pace, fencing for her cubs but also being able to give herself enough space in this and therefore being able to do it even more from a loving connection.

Jan: your energy work was sooo powerful, and so was your humour, your openness and your trust. Thank you for your input about my feelings. Your playfulness awakened the joyful piece in me. I'm so glad I was able to feel it. I realise it is hugely important to maintain a balance of playfulness, happiness and laughter whilst fighting your dark demons.

Certain music will never sound the same again. 

Thank you for touching my soul in such a loving connection.

Pascale Boalin (Belgium)



I endorse Jan & Lief's constellations. It's very healing to attend. Even if you're a representative. After one session i felt so much lighter.

Jan and Lief are so empathic, very special 🥰

Zaar (Holland)


At the retreat in Almendras Blancas I got reminded that miracles happen when I let go of control of the mind and let myself follow the flow and the signs that pop up on the way.
I realised that I am a multidimens
ional and multilayered being that can change in every second - what was in the past is lost in the past. The only thing that exists is the present moment.
In addition to this I realised that I can be light as a feather in a morning breeze and enjoy each moment fully. With confidence in expressing myself authentically and smoothly. With love and care of myself.
I felt free to express my affection and love towards people in my surroundings - without judgement, freely and easily.
The openness
in Almendras Blancas surprised me again - coming there has already become an anchor for me to come back to my true self, with authentic people that can connect and relate authentically.
Thanks for everything 🙏🏻🤍💫

Aleksandra Dahan (Poland)


Ola (Poland)

Kenneth Clifford (UK)
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Martijn Josephs (Holland)
Minutes before Martijn left, he shared his experience in this song.
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I had been experiencing a certain amount of anxiety and low energy due to travelling and some bereavement and loss with my family. I wasn’t sure what to expect during the constellation workshop, but I felt immediately on entering the yurt, that Jan and Lief were holding the space for us all. They worked beautifully together and made us all feel safe, included, and heard. I have been to several training sessions as a well-being practitioner and participant and their methods are of a high quality and undoubtedly experts in their field.

Jan took the lead on the guidance which was easy to understand and he worked intuitively throughout the session, prompting us if the energy became blocked or still. He explained what we had to do and Lief would reinforce his words and add to it during the session. Lief also participated in the workshop which helped give us a reference point to see what Jan meant in practice. The physicality of the session I enjoyed with music being woven into the session to give us a backdrop to help us connect with each other. Having one person’s issue enacted by others was truly transformative for all involved.

During the workshop there were 2 constellations, and I was the second one chosen. I had been holding onto a lot of pain for 6 years and during the session I was able to let go of that and open my heart again and release the past. The next day I woke up feeling calm and peaceful. My heart had opened and a new clarity was now present. I noticed how energized I felt and my anxiety had gone. It was truly transformative for me and a feeling that I still have 3 weeks later. This had been echoed in the week leading up to the workshop at Almendras Blancas from seeing a newly born dragonfly open its wings for the first time and fly from my hand after Jan had placed it there from the beautiful, freshwater pool.

Lief has a gentle, ethereal presence on meeting her. During the workshop she springs into action and really takes charge of the dynamics and physicality of the space and with the group. She helps participants overcome inhibitions around movement and trust. She is so empathic towards us that she ensures all leave having received the healing they came for. She has a strong, nurturing, matriarchal presence which can be felt throughout the workshop.

Both Jan and Lief work from a place of authenticity and truth. They are an inspirational couple. They believe in what they have created at Almendras Blancas and share their paradise with the persons who are fortunate enough to stay there.

Thanks to you both for sharing your special gifts with me. My stay at Almendras Blancas was the highlight of my travels in Spain.

I wish you both success and happiness with your retreats at Almendras Blancas.
Love Siobhan

Siobhan Fitzgerald Grice (UK)

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