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General Objectives
Asociación Almendras Blancas wants to explore
living in connection with our true self, with each other, with nature and with all that is
in order to experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

We are here to support each other on the big journey from our heads to our hearts.


Specific Objectives
We invite our members (adults and their children) to find, explore, experience and share their passions in order to live a fulfilled and meaningful life.

We intend to organize activities and provide spaces for activities that align with the GENERAL OBJECTIVES of the association.
We want to inspire and empower people to co-create places for ecological, sustainable agriculture and regeneration of land
and we want to promote and apply rural, innovative and sustainable living and tourism.

We intend to be active in the following domains:
health & natural well being
 - living a balanced lifestyle
communication skills

       (non violent communication, sociocracy, non verbal communication, communication from the heart, energetic communication)


systemic work

art & expression

(singing, dancing, playing, writing, theatre, drawing, photography, pottery, …)

cultural exchange
manifesting from BEing rather than DOing
regenerative, sustainable and ecological agriculture
  (soil fertility, water retention, biodiversity, reforestation, agro forestry, ecological gardening, ecological farming, animal care, ...)
sustainable and ecological living and building
renewable energy

new technologies

Operational Objectives
To be able to fulfil the above objectives, the following activities will be organised:
- educational, recreational and social activities in the form of courses, seminars, workshops, retreats,
conferences, gatherings, projects, events, festivals, exchanges, … etc.
- Search for funding through participation in calls for grants and aid from the public, private and third sectors.
- Creation of collaborations and synergies with other entities in the pub
lic, private and third sectors focused on achieving the same objectives.


We are a non profit association. Income from our activities flows back to support the realization of our objectives. A part of the money we raise will be used to include members with limited financial capacity.

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