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open up, connect & feel alive

Almendras Blancas invites you to participate in our exploration to live

in connection with self, with others, with nature and with all that is.
We believe authentic communication, gratitude and trust are keys to reconnect to the magic of life. 
We are here to support each other on the big journey from our heads to our hearts.
If you too, are ready to learn from the lessons community life has to offer,
you are very welcome
to come and be inspired
to come and inspire us

Live Big in a Tiny House

Do you believe less is more ? Great.

A tiny house is not just about living in an affordable house. It's a lifestyle, in which you take the more ecological road.
Declutter is an important process in making the step to live in a tiny house. You can't imagine how much freedom we experienced when we got rid of our "old stuff" and made the choice to live but with the essential things. Are you ready to get rid of the past and step into a new chapter in your life ? Be aware: less stuff means letting go ... the positive aspect to it is it brings you back in a state of flow ...
Bringing but the essential things is important, none of us like to be in places that are filled with things we hardly need or use.

In Andalusia, the climate allows us to live outside most of the time, so actually, you don't even need a big house ...


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Órgiva, Granada

Over 40 years, many foreigners have settled in the main village of the Alpujarras. It has a moderate warm mountain climate with a lot of sunny days. There are many (underground) rivers that supply water all year round. On the surface, Órgiva looks like another Spanish village. Underneath, it radiates a high frequency vibe. The level of synchronicities here is way higher than any other place we have ever been.
It feels like a village where we are creating a new society based on trust. On a daily basis, you can go and choose from a wide range of alternative workshops, most of them are donation based. We have three organic food shops and a florishing thursday market. Every 1st and 3rd sunday of the month there is a flea market. We have a public, a Waldorf (Steiner), and a Montessori school. In the area, many spiritual and religious traditions live together in harmony. Life in Órgiva is cheaper than in the rest of Europe.
Few places in the world are so welcoming to people who want to live a more conscious life.


The area has many beautiful hikes, mountain-, racing bike and motorbike tracks, .
Órgiva is a sunny place in Andalusia to relax and enjoy nature, meanwhile it is well connected to the outside world:

15 minutes to Lanjaron (well known for it's spa´s and its drinking water) or to the touristy witch villlage of Soportújar

20 minutes to go windsurfing in the Rules Reservoir.

30 minutes to the cosy white villages of Pampaneira, Bubion and Capileira or to the beach in Salobreña or Motril. 
45 minutes to visit the charming city of Granada. 

1.15 hrs to Pradollano ski resort

1.25 hrs to Málaga (Costa del Sol) Airport.

1.30 hrs to Almeria Airport  ...

But best of all: it takes you 0 minutes and 10 seconds to relax and feel home in the Here and Now.
In our pool filled with our private source water, in our avocado forest, in our silent valley

or on our olive and almond grove with a 360º view on the Sierra Lujar and the Sierra Nevada ...

Welcome to this place you were always looking for:

location of  Almendras Blancas

NowHere, close to an extraordinary village, in the middle of Nature

We are at the foot of the Sierra Nevada at about 500m above sea level. Our fertile land is located at 5 minutes drive from Órgiva. We are hidden in a quiet valley and we like to keep it like that. If you want to visit us, please announce your visit here. In return, we'll send you our exact coördinates.

Our 18,5 hectare land is south faced, with gentle slopes, old terraces and fairy tale places. We have an amazing view on the Sierra Lujar and on the valley of the Guadolfeo river.  We have our own source and we have acces to acequia water that comes all the way from the mountains. Our soil is fertile, filled with olive, lemon, orange, kaki, avocado, almond, peaches, nut and other fruit trees.  If you make a garden and water your plants regularly, they will grow faster than you can imagine.

From  our land, you can go for a beautiful walk along the river and end up at the lake.

From june till september, it is hot: during siesta hours, we advise you to enjoy your hammock in the shadow.
At night, you can sleep outside under a star filled sky.
In winter, during the day, the temperatures are mild and there is a lot of sunshine ...


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Money matters

We are currently investing in extending our food forest.

To realise our regenerative reforestation dream, we welcome an extra 60.000 € investment or donation.
This can come through big or small donations ... .


We love to share our talents and our gifts with you. The feeling of being, working, living and sleeping in this wonderful piece of nature has touched many people already. Some get really emotional when they come here and see how we already live in a more connected way. We love to keep it simple. Honest. Authentic. We are aware of our imperfections, we do our best to accept them and see them for the invitations they are: invitations to grow, to become a higher version of ourselves.
We are here to help you unstress. To reconnect you to life. Life as it was supposed to be ?

We are open for your talents. We are open for your gifts. If you have one of the following passions, you are even more welcome: gardening, carpentry, organising, make us smile, accountancy, management, decoration, cleaning, cooking, being yourself, ...
You are welcome to help us create paradise ...


If you feel the call to support us financially, we welcome your donations on ES90 3023 0066 4868 8067 8609

(please mention: donation for regeneration and reforestation)
Don´t hesitate to spread the word to those who are interested.
If you feel the call to support us in any other way, feel free to contact us on welcome(at)
We look forward to read you ...

Let´s cocreate this piece of heaven on earth. ...

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