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The Experience

We love to share our talents and our gifts with you. The feeling of being, working, living and sleeping in a wonderful piece of nature touches most of our visitors. Some get emotional when they come and see how we live in a more connected way. We love to keep it simple. Honest. Authentic. We are far from perfect. We are aware of some of our imperfections, we do our best to accept them and see them for the invitations they are: invitations to grow and to become a higher version of ourselves. You are welcome as you are and you are welcome to become more of who you truly are. We are here to help you unstress, to reconnect you to life, life as it was supposed to be.


Feel free to come and visit us or to come and do some voluntary work. If you have one of the following skills, you are even more welcome: carpentry, organizing events, make us smile, accountancy, management, cleaning, cooking, gardening, being yourself, help us build up a thriving association ...
picture of nature landscape, or frog or dragonfly ?

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