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1 year ago, Kenneth facilitated a workshop on A Course In Miracles. It started with a meditation in which
I saw an immense amount of light coming from behind him, all the way through him, into the room. When the meditation ended, I saw people with tears in their eyes. Tears of recognition. Tears of coming home after feeling lost for many years. We invited him to come to our place. Our children loved his playfulness and his lightheartedness. His humble, gentle presence radiates through you. His surrender to and trust in the unknown are beyond words. A person who walks his talk. I recently read several persons attending his workshops claim they experienced physical healing. I am not surprised.

We're honored he'll finish his European tour with a 4-day retreat in Almendras Blancas. After this retreat he will go on tour in Brasil. Don't hesitate to catch this unique opportunity to connect with the high vibrational energy he eminates ...

Órgiva, Granada Province, Spain
We gather in a unique valley with a high vibration and a stunning view. We have 2 big natural swimming pools, continuously filled with fresh spring water. You are invited to camp in our avocado forest.
Welcome to paradise,
5 minutes drive or 20 minutes on foot from the centre of Órgiva.

During this retreat, we prefer a healthier lifestyle. We eat vegetarian, mainly vegan food. We prefer fair trade, ecological and local products to products from big companies.
The following products are not compatible with your stay on Almendras Blancas:
- drugs, marijuana or other hallucinogenic substances

- alcohol

If you want extra snacks, we can recommend the 4 ecological shops in Órgiva. Some of them sell products in bulk
or in reusable packaging.


All our water flows back to nature. Please use only ecological, biodegradable products. May we suggest to limit the use of soap, shampoo, cosmetics, ... to a minimum. Before swimming, make sure your ecological sunscreen, massage oil, …  is thoroughly absorbed by the skin. Thin filters of oil or other products stay on the surface of the water for weeks. Our natural pools have different varieties of dragonflies and frogs. We love to keep their habitat healthy.

Including food and sleeping in your own tent:
Price: € 600
If you
want to join "You Are Entitled to Miracles", but your budget is too tight, contact us, we are open to find solutions.

Benefactor: if you live in abundance and love to share it with someone who is less fortunate. Feel free to share your wealth by contributing a higher amount. Thanks to you, someone can join "You Are Entitled to Miracles" or another retreat at a price he/she can afford.
The contribution goes to supporting the goals of Asociación Almendras Blancas and to the travels of Kenneth and Nana.

You have different options :
A - Bring your own tent & beddings: included in the retreat price

B - Share a canvas tent with 4 persons, including mattress (bring your own sleeping bag and beddings):
10 € /  night  / person

C - Rent a Caravan for 2 persons- (bring your own sleeping bag and beddings):
20 € /  night  / person

D - Rent a regular tent for 1 person, including mattress (bring your own sleeping bag and beddings):
25 € /  night  / person

E - Rent a Caravan for 1 person- (bring your own sleeping bag and beddings):
30 € /  night  / person

F - Rent a luxe canvas tent on a wooden platform for 2 people, including 2 beds (bring your own beddings):
30 € / night  / person

Rent beddings: 12 € / person

Rent sleeping bag: 5 € / person


Friday October 20th we start at 10.30 hrs.
Monday October 23rd we end at 16.30 hrs.
If you want to book additional days before or after this retreat, please let us know.


Travel options to Almendras Blancas:

Airport Pick-Up:
We can arrange a pick-up service from the airport directly to Almendras Blancas
From Malaga international airport: €100
From Almeria international airport: €115
From Granada national airport: € 60

check bus hours and prices on
From Málaga international airport.

and afterwards Granada - Órgiva (Appr. 4,30 h.)

From Almeria inernationl airport.

and afterwards Motril - Órgiva (Appr. 5,30 h.)

From Granada national airport.
CHOOSE DESTINATION: Órgiva (Appr. 1,30 h.)



If you have any questions, contact Lief:
+32 499 22 77 01 (tel, Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal)
or +34 641 67 80 62 (tel)


For bookings, please fill in the form below:

Upon booking, we ask a deposit of € 150 on

IBAN: ES73 3023 0066 4471 5839 0208


on the name of: Asoc Almendras Blancas.

Once we received your deposit, your place is secured.

Cancellation policy:

Cancellations more than 2 months before the retreat starts, will  be refunded 90 % of the deposit.

Cancellations between 1 and 2 months before the retreat starts, will be refunded 60 % of the deposit.
Cancellations between 2 weeks and 1 month before the retreat starts,
will be refunded 30 % of the deposit.

Cancellations less than 2 weeks before the retreat starts, will not be refunded.

All our retreats are for members of Asociación Almendras Blancas. Upon booking this retreat, you attain free membership of Asociación Almendras Blancas.

Membership &
Retreat Application

preferred medium to contact me
I allow Asociación Almendras Blancas to inform me about activities of the association and / or related to its objectives.

Thanks for submitting!

If sending this form should not work, please send your answers to

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